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The Collaborative International Dictionary

guck \guck\ n. 1. any thick messy substance.

Syn: goo, gook, gunk, muck, ooze, sludge, slime.


n. any thick messy substance [syn: sludge, slime, goo, gook, gunk, muck, ooze]

Usage examples of "guck".

On the ground among dried brown fall leaves I find a traffic-safety capsule of glow-in-the-dark Martian green guck, which we toss back and forth while we walk.

Fuentes are also purplish guck, they must have used this fluid to rip up their own cells.

They had been encased in guck, caught like mosquitoes landing on pine gum.

All he knew was that this green stuff was covered by white guck and the whole thing smelled like spit-up, He sat with his group at a plastic-covered table, staring at the salt shaker, refusing to eat, when he felt a shadow loom over him.

Coal tar, for example, is a sticky guck that is a mixture of thousands of chemicals, some of which can be very useful.

Nowhere Man, the first book written by Ruth Guck alone, writing as Rebecca York.

Ruth Guck writing as Rebecca York Previous titles by REBECCA YORK Light Street books: Life Line Shattered Vows Whispers in the Night Only Skin Deep Trial by Fire Cradle and All What Child Is This?

The pleeblands, he said, were a giant Petri dish: a lot of guck and contagious plasm got spread around there.

Cant the Conqueror, Blunt the Barbarian, Warrior Priests of Guck, and the other colorful paperbacks we were supposed to be discussing.

With clouded vision he could see what, to him, amounted to be black guck all over his arms and hands.

All the lines are open, lines that are so gucked up with rust that it's impossible they'd carry a signal, and yet they are.