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Gubble is a PlayStation, iOS and PC game. Most of the gameplay requires the player to solve a series of real-time puzzles in which he uses tools, such as a hammer or screwdriver, which the main character, Gubble (an alien), uses in a humorous way to remove the implements of these tools, such as nails and screws, from the playing area. Gubble HD is an enhanced version for PC and the iPad.

The opening storyline to Gubble (only found in the instruction booklet) is very vague and is only used to make the game seem slightly more rational. The majority of the game is spent on the fictional planet Renegar, and many of the puzzles repeat themes of a certain world (the game is split into multiple worlds).

Usage examples of "gubble".

Gubble Gubble Gubble me, put your gubbish into me, into my gubbish, you Gubbler.