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Until and unless Gubber Anshaw emerged from his home, Kresh would be unable to question him.

Except, of course, Gubber himself had ordered all the robots to stay away that night.

Even in the midst of his anguish, Gubber Anshaw found a moment in his thoughts to marvel once again that such a woman would care, could care, for a man like Gubber Anshaw.

He watched Gubber Anshaw pace the hallway outside Fredda Leving, s hospital room, and felt his annoyance growing stronger.

Jomaine did what he could to force all thoughts of Gubber from his mind.

And yet, there was Gubber Anshaw, a professional roboticist who should have known better, going up to them again, demanding to be let in.

The last day or so had been nerve-racking enough without watching Gubber go to pieces on top of it.

For the first time, Jomaine Terach found himself wondering precisely what role Gubber had played in the story.

Still, he seemed to be just as unlikely to be any good at romance--and yet it was an open secret, an astonishing, much-discussed open secret, that Gubber Anshaw, of all people, was carrying on a torrid affair with Tonya Welton, the leader of the Settler contingent on Inferno.

No doubt the only person in the lab who did not know that everyone but the boss knew about it was Gubber himself.

At the moment, though, the nervous, cowering Gubber Anshaw seemed something less than plausible in the role of would-be murderer.

Jomaine turned his head to look at Gubber in something approaching astonishment.

Terach would have given the talk if I could not, or if not Jomaine, Gubber Anshaw or someone else.

The gentleman with him is, I believe, Gubber Anshaw, though the only police photos we have of him are of poor quality.

The room was in its bedroom configuration, all the tables and chairs stowed away, replaced by a large and comfortable bed--a bed that Gubber had reason to remember most fondly.