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Guay is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert Guay (1917–1951), resident of Quebec City, Canada
  • Annie Guay (born 1985), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Erik Guay (born 1981), Canadian alpine ski racer
  • Florian Guay, politician in Quebec
  • François Guay (born 1968), professional ice hockey centre
  • Jacob Guay (born 1999), Canadian young singer
  • Joseph-Philippe Guay (1915–2001), Canadian parliamentarian
  • Lucie Guay (born 1958), Canadian sprint kayaker
  • Monique Guay (born 1959), Quebec politician
  • Paul Guay (born 1963), American professional ice hockey player
  • Pierre Malcom Guay (1848–1899), physician, surgeon and political figure in Quebec
  • Raynald Guay (born 1933), Liberal party member of the Canadian House of Commons
  • Rebecca Guay, artist specializing in watercolor painting and illustration
  • Richard Guay (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Tom Guay, guitar player who joined White Zombie

Usage examples of "guay".

Examination of the wreckage revealed the cause of the explosion as dynamite, and investigation showed that Guay had sent his wife on the trip with a bomb disguised as a religious statue.