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The Spanish term guaro can mean one of the following:

  • Guaro (drink), a sugar cane-distilled alcoholic drink produced in parts of Central America and Colombia
  • Guaro (Larense), a folkloric way to call the inhabitants of Lara State, Venezuela
  • Guaro (Spain), a municipality in the Malaga province
  • Loro guaro (orange-winged amazon, Amazona amazonica), a South American parrot
Guaro (drink)

Guaro is a liquor made in many places in Latin America. A clear liquid distilled from sugar cane juices, it has a slightly sweeter taste than comparable liquors (40% Alcohol). It is popular in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, although in many places the word "guaro" can refer to almost any liquor.

The name "guaro" came from Central America. Colombians call it aguardiente. Sometimes it is referred to as a "soft vodka" because it has a lower alcohol content than vodka.

Guaro (Larense)

Guaro is an informal descriptive term for people from Lara State, in Venezuela. Guaro is also used by inhabitants of Lara, Yaracuy, Portuguesa, and Trujillo to refer to people (i.e. "ese guaro") much like "bloke" or "dude" is used in UK and US English. Also, in those regions, Guaro is an adjective used to describe someone who talks (or says) too much. Guaroloco (crazy guaro) is traditionally said of mischievous or extroverted people. It's relatively easy to recognize the people from this region of Venezuela because of their extensive use of the word guaro and its derivatives.

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