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n. (obsolete form of guard English) vb. (obsolete form of guard English)

Usage examples of "guarde".

A long time ago, scientists came here, into the Darkvoid, in search of the Maze and the Wolfling who guarded it.

By the time of the Gulf War, Iraq had numerous redundant facilities, all heavily guarded and bermed, some of them so secret that Western intelligence did not know of their existence.

Because of the power of the queens and their tree sorcerers, Hefenfelthe had never been taken in war, although many armies had broken their strength on those walls in the hope of gaining the riches guarded within.

They and their uncle guarded the camp at night and slept by day on horseback.

They are guarded by the Special Republican Guard and the Special Security Organization, the two most feared security organizations in Iraq.

Iraq is such a heavily guarded police state--we do not always know when Saddam is even considering a momentous action.

The surviving Iraqi military forces should be confined to garrisons and guarded by U.

They had rediscovered much of their former playful fun in them, and Roland held the guarded hope her feelings for him might be developing into something more than friendship.

While closemouthed when not among their own kind they were less guarded with Longbow, for in the Huntmaster of Crydee they sensed a kindred spirit.

He was still discomforted by the sight of so many of them passing to the east, and the recent enemy watched him ride by with guarded expressions as he headed toward Elvandar.

Grendel was under quarantine now, guarded by half a dozen starcruisers.

The open door was guarded by a huge hulking figure with bulging muscles and glandular n problems.

I thought a gun was a bit obvious, and too easily guarded against, so I decided on a grenade.

After only a short walk down two flights of stairs and along a guarded corridor, Kierendal entered her kingdom.

The entrance to the fort was guarded by an exceptionally deep, vertically-sided ditch, too steep to climb and dug all the way across the opening.