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Guanay is a small town on the Tupuani River in the Yungas region of Bolivia. It is the seat of the Guanay Municipality, the second municipality of the Larecaja Province.

Guanay and the nearby town of Tupuani are at the end of El Camino del Oro (the Gold Digger's Trail) from Sorata. There is still gold mining activity in the Guanay–Tupuani area.

The Tupuani River is a tributary to the Beni River. It is possible to travel by boat from Guanay to Rurrenabaque.

Category:Populated places in La Paz Department (Bolivia)

Usage examples of "guanay".

They were the first evidence he had seen of the guanay colony at the other end of the island.

So far as Crab Key is concerned, it's only the guanay, otherwise known as the green cormorant, same bird as you find in England.