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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Guana \Gua"na\ (gw[aum]"n[.a]), n. (Zo["o]l.) See Iguana.


n. (lb en slang) An iguana.


Guana may refer to:

  • Guana Island, an island in the British Virgin Islands
  • Guiana Island (Antigua and Barbuda), also called Guana Island
  • Roberto Guana, footballer

Usage examples of "guana".

His only personal expedition to the New World was that to Guana in 1595.

Pit Boss of Cobaltville, Guana Teague, had found Domi particularly unique and smuggled her into the Pits with a forged ID chip.

After the feast, the tribe marched away to the Rio Guana, intending to meet with another tribe, at that time camped among the hills.

At one point there was a refuse dump, and here the rock ledges were white with the guana of carrion birds, and lank, half-starved dogs snarled and fought over the offal of an unclean people and their animals.

Guana Teague, pit boss of Cobaltville, spotted her on one of his periodic forays into the Outlands and was smitten by her exotic looks and spitfire personality.