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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Guan \Guan\ (gw[aum]n), n. ((Zo["o]l.) Any one of many species of large gallinaceous birds of Central and South America, belonging to Penelope, Pipile, Ortalis, and allied genera. Several of the species are often domesticated.


n. Any (member) of several species of birds in the genera ''Aburria'', ''Chamaepetes'', ''Oreophasis'', ''Penelope'', ''Penelopina''(,) and ''Pipile'', of the family Cracidae, limited to the Americas.


n. any of several large turkey-like game birds of the family Cracidae; native to jungles of tropical America; resembling the curassows and valued as food


Guan is a Chinese surname. Guan is 394th in the Hundred Family Surnames.

It is also a Vietnamese surname that uses the same character, romanised as Quan.

It is Romanized Kwon in Korean.

It is also a Japanese surname, Seki , that uses the same character.

The Vietnamese surname, Quan and the Japanese surname, Seki, was derived from the same Chinese character as the Chinese surname (The Japanese Kanji 関 is a Shinjitai of the Chinese character 關).

In Taiwan, the Wade–Giles spelling Kuan is used. In Hong Kong, the surname is romanised as Kwan in Cantonese. In Macao, the surname is as Kuan due to the Portuguese influence.In many overseas Chinese communities, both spellings are common.

Guan (instrument)

The guan is a Chinese double reed wind instrument. The northern Chinese version is called guanzi (管子) or bili (traditional: 篳篥; simplified: 筚篥) and the Cantonese version is called houguan (喉管). It is classified as a bamboo instrument in the Ba Yin (ancient Chinese instrument classification) system. Unlike other instruments in the double-reed family of woodwinds which mostly have conical bores, such as the Chinese suona or the Western oboe, the guan has a cylindrical bore, giving its distinctive mellow, yet piercing buzz-like timbre.

Guan (bird)

The guans are a number of bird genera which make up the largest group in the family Cracidae. They are found mainly in northern South America, southern Central America, and a few adjacent Caribbean islands. There is also the peculiar horned guan (Oreophasis derbianus) which is not a true guan, but a very distinct and ancient cracid with no close living relatives (Pereira et al. 2002).

Guan (disambiguation)

Guan is a surname.

Guan may also refer to:

  • Guān, Chinese surname
  • Guan (state), ancient Chinese city-state
  • Guan (bird), any of a number of bird species of the family Cracidae, of South and Central America
  • Guan (instrument), a Chinese wind instrument
  • Guan people, or Guang people, a people of modern Ghana
Locations in China
  • Gu'an County , Hebei
    • Gu'an Town , seat of Gu'an County
  • Guan County, Shandong
  • Guan County, Sichuan , currently Dujiangyan City, Sichuan
Guan (state)

Guan ( Chinese: t , s , Guǎnguó; c. 1046–1040 BC) was an ancient Chinese city-state in present-day Henan. Its capital was Guancheng (, lit. "Guan City") in the present-day Guancheng Hui District of Zhengzhou and its power was limited to the immediate surrounding area.

Guan was established soon after the founding of the Zhou dynasty as an appanage for King Wu's younger brother, who was granted the title Guan Shu (lit. "Uncle of Guan"). The three brothers Guan Shu, Huo Shu, and Cai Shu were known as the " Three Guards", for their territories' function protecting the Zhou homeland. Following the death of King Wu, however, the Three Guards and Wu Geng rebelled against the regency of the Duke of Zhou. His victory led to the dissolution of Guan.

Usage examples of "guan".

Bu guan shi bai mao hai shi hei mao, zhuo dao lao shu jiu shi hao mao.

He thought for a moment that Guan Yin, the goddess of mercy, might have interceded on their behalf and sent the Ghost to a watery death.

You should have Thom write that down and put up on wall, next to altar to Guan Di.

He glanced at the ceiling, toward his bedroom, where the god of detectives, Guan Di, presently sat with his evaporating cup of sweet wine.

He nodded at the emblems that had told him that she indeed followed feng shui diligently: an ostentatious bracelet of nine Chinese coins, a pin in the likeness of the homely goddess Guan Yin and a scarf with black fish on it.

He and Loaban had made their sacrifices to Guan Di, the god of detectives.

He studied one curious decoration: a small red shrine, inside of which was a likeness of the Chinese god of war and of police detectives, Guan Di.

Swenson had to move on yet farther into timespace: Professor Shimmins had to be picked up in FH78, Dr Guan Moh Chan in G210, Paley collected on the way back.

The only image remaining in the room now was the big painting of Guan Di, the god of war, who glowered down upon them as always.

Chinese warrior god Guan Di, patron saint of street dealers, this book is humbly dedicated.

I closed my eyes and prayed to Guan Yin, the goddess of mercy, the bodhisattva of compassion.

I could negotiate with the spirits: Guan Yin and the Mother of Mothers or the odd little spirit who had appeared in my dream.

Chinese coins, a pin in the likeness of the homely goddess Guan Yin and a scarf with black fish on it.

Greens and Grays separated, and ran to their homes, and the Guans roamed the streets alone.

Greens and Grays separated, and ran to their homes, and the Guans roamed the streets alone.