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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Guaira \Guaira\ prop. n. a great waterfall on the Brazil-Paraguay border.

Syn: Sete Quedas, Guaira Falls.


Guaira may refer to:

  • Guayrá, a former region of the Spanish Empire in what is now modern Paraguay and Brazil
  • Guaíra Falls, former waterfalls on the Paraná River along the border between Brazil and Paraguay
  • Guaíra, Paraná
    • Guaíra Airport
  • Guaíra, São Paulo
  • Guairá Department
  • Salto del Guairá, Canindeyú Department
  • La Guaira, the capital city of the Venezuelan state of Vargas and the country's chief port

Usage examples of "guaira".

There should be half a dozen droghers, part of those plying between La Guaira and the villages along the coast, collecting hides and coffee, tobacco and dyewood.

Then came more specific information for Velasquez: ships from Vera Cruz, Cartagena and La Guaira would assemble in Havana, ready to sail as a convoy for Spain, escorted by a 74-gun ship and four frigates, of which La Perla would be one.

They murdered Wallis and all his officers and sailed the ship to La Guaira, on the Main.