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GTP may stand for:


  • A mid-level performance model on the Pontiac Grand Prix and the Pontiac G6
  • Grand Touring Prototype, a race car category in IMSA GT Championship
  • Le Mans Grand Touring Prototype, a type of Le Mans Prototype race car

Medicine, chemistry:

  • Guanosine triphosphate, an organic chemical and energy carrier
  • Good Tissue Practices, a medical standard
  • Green tea polyphenols, a class of polyphenolic compounds found in green tea

Mathematics, computer science:

  • Green's theorem, one of several theorems that connect an integral in n-dimensional space with one in (n − 1)-dimensional space
  • Go Text Protocol, a protocol for the board game of go
  • GPRS Tunnelling Protocol, a group of protocols which carry GPRS data information over the UMTS and GSM networks


  • Global TransPark, an economic development area in Eastern North Carolina, USA
  • Grand Trunk Pacific Railway reporting mark, a historical Canadian railway

Politics, education, communities:

  • Government Transformation Programme (Malaysia)
  • Graduate Teacher Programme, a teacher education programme for UK trainee teachers
  • GTPlanet, an online community dedicated to Gran Turismo
  • Growth and Transformation Plan, an Ethiopian Government plan for the years 2010 to 2015


  • Game transfer phenomena, a psychological phenomena


  • Morelia viridis or green tree python, a species of snake