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init. 1 (context Internet English) have got to go (''as a form of farewell'') 2 (context Internet English) get-together 3 (context Internet English) good to go


The acronyms Gtg, GTG, gtg, or G2G can refer to:

  • 'Good To Go', Good To Go meaning 'everything is okay' in Military slang
  • 'Got To Go', a farewell in texting slang
Engineering, science and technology
  • GTG, IATA code for Grantsburg Municipal Airport
  • Getting Things GNOME!, a free and open-source implementation of Getting Things Done
  • Gauge theory gravity, a theory of gravitation cast in the mathematical language of geometric algebra
  • Gas Turbine Generator (GTG), an electrical generator powered by a gas turbine
  • GGT1, Gamma-glutamyl transferase, an enzyme that catalyzes the reaction between a peptide and an amino acid
  • Geophysical Tomography Group, was part of the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (Jussieu Campus)
  • Grey to Grey, a measure of response time in LCD displays
  • GTG, Valine genetic code according to the DNA codon table
  • Government to Government, describing internal or external Government to Government data communications
  • GTG Training, part of Arnold Clark Automobiles
  • G2G (TV series), animated television series