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Gsound is a mobile app developed by Axwave.

The Axwave team developed an Automatic Content Recognition system using acoustic fingerprinting that is able to recognize music, generic sound and voice using any device.

Gsound is a mobile app currently available on the iOS mobile platform that uses a device's built-in microphone to "hear" a sound snipped of a song, movie or TV program. The acoustic fingerprint that GSOUND gathers is used to identify attributes such as actors' voices, background noises, and the intensity of silences. If a match is found, the app displays vital information about what is heard including lyrics, trivia, song titles and where the song or sound byte appears. GSOUND also enables users to purchase music by recording just a few seconds of what's being heard.

As of September 2013, Axwave has raised $1,000,000 in funding which has been used to develop and enhance the engine and the GSOUND app.