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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gry \Gry\ (gr[imac]), n. [Gr ? syllable, bit.]

  1. A measure equal to one tenth of a line. [Obs.]

  2. Anything very small, or of little value. [R.]


n. 1 (context archaic English) A small amount. 2 (context archaic English) One hundredth of an inch in the decimal system of measurement devised by

Gry (disambiguation)

Gry may refer to:

  • -gry, a word puzzle about words ending in "gry"
  • Gry, an obsolete unit of measurement equal to 1/10 of a line and 1/120 of an inch (about 0.212 mm) invented by the philosopher John Locke.
  • Gry (band), a former Danish band featuring Gry Bagøien and FM Einheit


  • Gry (given name), a female given name used primarily in Scandinavia, equivalent to the English Dawn
  • Gry Bagøien, female singer in the band Gry and now Æter
  • Gry Johansen (born 1964), Danish pop singer
  • Gry Maritha, a freight ship based at Penzance in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom
  • Jørgen Gry (1915–1993), Danish field hockey player who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics
Gry (band)

Gry is an indie/ electronic music band featuring Danish female singer Gry Bagøien and German musician FM Einheit (ex- Einstürzende Neubauten).

The music of Gry can be described as electronic with elements of trip hop, live instruments, lots of loops and samples (also orchestral samples) with a female voice.

Their debut album The Touch Of E! was released in 1998, followed by spectacular live shows in Europe and America.

Their second album Public Recording was made in 2000 in the Marstall Theater in Munich during a public performance with numerous special guests: Alexander Hacke, Caspar Brötzmann, Æter, Anatol Baginsky, Terranova, Pan Sonic, Funkstörung, Meret Becker, Chrislo Haas, and Sebastian Hess. The song " Summer Wine" from this album, sung by Gry Bagøien and Alexander Hacke, is a cover-version of a Lee Hazlewood/ Nancy Sinatra song.

In 2002, Gry Bagøien left the band and Gry disbanded.

Gry (given name)

Gry is a female given name used primarily in Scandinavia, equivalent to the English Dawn

  • Gry Mølleskog (born 1962), the Lord Chamberlain of the Royal Court of Norway. The first female Lord Chamberlain in the world.
  • Gry Larsen (born 1975), Norwegian politician for the Labour Party
  • Gry Østvik, former Norwegian biathlete and the first overall world cup winner for women
  • Gry Forssell (born 1973), Swedish television host and radio talk-show host
  • Gry Blekastad Almås (born 1970), Norwegian journalist
  • Gry Bay (born 1974), Danish actress and singer
  • Gry Bagøien, female singer from Denmark
  • Gry Johansen (born 1964), Danish singer who represented her country in Eurovision Song Contest 1983

Usage examples of "gry".

Major Gries muttered under his breath while he flipped through an unclassified white paper about synthetic gecko skin.

Ze vomen all vent mat, and pulled off zeir bearls and tia-monts and kave zem to her--vent town on zeir knees and gried and gissed her hants.

Gries muttered to himself, thumbing the safety of his HE paintball machine gun.

Ihissd,eogmeousWrnthestierove hmnordtce s e dnou o eru loorJta to lisilrve ana gry, .

I'm talking with Captain Shane Gries who is the commander of Bravo Company.