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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ a grumpy old man
▪ But I had reverted to my ordinary, grumpy, perennially dissatisfied self.
▪ Come back and see me when you're less grumpy.
▪ He is as cheerful in his workday as Stadler is grumpy.
▪ Homer, the grumpy dad, works in a nuclear plant and is a sentimental slob.
▪ Hywel is a bit grumpy, and Wyn's so cheerful.
▪ I still felt grumpy, but as the preacher got going I also discovered that somehow I wanted him to do well.
▪ She sits in a soft curve at her easel, gently swabbing away three centuries from a grumpy London sky.
▪ Southall was grumpy and unsociable, not like him.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Grumpy \Grump"y\, a. [Cf. Grumble, and Grum.] Surly; dissatisfied; grouty. [Collog.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1778, from grump + -y (2). Related: Grumpily; grumpiness.


a. unhappy, dissatisfied and/or irritable.

  1. adj. perversely irritable [syn: crabbed, crabby, cross, fussy, grouchy, bad-tempered, ill-tempered]

  2. [also: grumpiest, grumpier]


Grumpy means unhappy, dissatisfied or irritable.

It may refer to:

  • Grumpy (1923 film), a 1923 silent film drama
  • Grumpy (1930 film), a 1930 remake of the 1923 film
  • Grumpy, the name of one of the Seven Dwarfs in some adaptations of the fairytale Snow White
  • Grumpy, a nickname of the drag racer Bill Jenkins
  • Grumpy, a character from the 1974 television series ''[[Land of the Lost (1974 TV series)|Land of the


Grumpy (1930 film)

Grumpy (1930) is an American Pre-Code drama film directed by George Cukor and Cyril Gardner, and released by Paramount Pictures. The screenplay by Doris Anderson is based on a play by Horace Hodges and Thomas Wigney. A Spanish-language version entitled Cascarrabias, written by Catalan writer Josep Carner Ribalta (1898–1988) and directed by Gardner, was released by Paramount the same year. The film is a remake of a 1923 silent film of the same title.

Grumpy (1923 film)

Grumpy is a 1923 silent film drama distributed by Paramount Pictures. It is based on a 1913 Broadway play Grumpy by Horace Hodges and Thomas Wigney Percyval and starred English actor Cyril Maude. The director of this film is William C. deMille, brother of Cecil, and the star is Theodore Roberts. This film was remade by Paramount as an early sound film for Cyril Maude reprising his Broadway role. This silent version was thought to be long lost but a copy has been discovered in the Gosfilmofond Archive, Moscow Russia.

Usage examples of "grumpy".

The goadster had been persuaded to accompany her and Karg to Fregwil, and spent a couple of grumpy days being introduced to city officials and other notables.

There is very little room left for even a grasshopper to squeeze in, and some grumpy old ladies like Mrs Owl and Miss Goanna, glare at the younger ones as they try to find a spare seat.

The imperious grump was Justice of the Peace Silas Hall, and he had to be so grumpy because it was an election year.

Even Lowrie had a few layers knocked off his grumpy shell by sitting on the top deck.

And when he went dry, the encouragement he received from his agent, together with gloomy financial prognostications from Plimsoll, made him keep working, flogging out the words, despite his grumpy complaints that nothing flowed naturally and easily, as it had done in the old days.

Admittedly, I was on Day Two of the Thrifty Food Plan, and the Bean Tamale Pie had destroyed my concentration and made me grumpy.

All right he was grumpy and bad-tempered, he hammered pianos to death and the people who came to see him fell over his unemptied chamber pots, but he never gave up.

Rome, I was buying olives from the olive vendor, a grumpy, unsunny man whom I was beginning to like for the originality of his sullenness, when I heard Leah scream.

The mechanical piano near the door played through a valse cheekily, then fell silent all at once, as if gone grumpy.

Hannas were tired and slightly grumpy, then so were the Joneses -- long day, short tempers, why belabor the obvious?

So while the cannonball might leave a large, grinning hole in your chest, and while plummeting thousands of feet will certainly squash you down and made you quite a bit shorter and grumpier, neither of these things will kill you.

Dr Natouche had offered no opportunity for Mr Pollock to insult him and Mr Pollock had retired, as Caley Bard pointed out to Troy, upon a grumpy alliance with the Hewsons with whom he could be observed in ridiculously furtive conference, presumably about racial relations.

Stan dispensed congratulations, but he was visibly grumpy about the ambiguousness of Wunsch's responses.

Reyno had almost nothing of his own to bet, but borrowed two bezants from his master, Carolus was grumpy about lending it, and I suspect he only did it to keep Reyno from trying to borrow elsewhere and being questioned.

Snow White and her entourage cantered out of the ring, with Grumpy blatantly grinning at Rupert, as the arena party put the finishing touches to the jumps for the Grand Prix.