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GRU (disambiguation)

The GRU (Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye) is the main military foreign-intelligence service of the Russian Federation, and formerly of the Soviet Union.

GRU or Gru also may refer to:

Companies and organizations

  • Gainesville Regional Utilities, a power and utility company in Florida
  • Georgia Regents University (USA)
  • Georgia Rugby Union, the governing body for the sport of rugby union in the nation of Georgia
  • Georgia Rugby Union (United States), the Local Area Union for rugby union teams in the U.S. state of Georgia and other parts of the Southeastern United States
  • Growth Research Unit, a non-for-profit research association at the Cracow University of Economics in Poland
  • Grigol Robakidze University, a university in the country of Georgia
  • São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport, Brazil, IATA airport code
  • Spetsnaz GRU, a former Russian army special forces

Other uses

  • Soddo language, ISO 639-3 language code
  • Gru, the Bayer designation for stars in the Grus constellation
  • Gru, the main character in Despicable Me animation franchise
  • Gru, an antagonist in the The Kine Saga trilogy by A. R. Lloyd

Usage examples of "gru".

Sonora said, aware that Crick and Sam and Gruber were looking slightly stunned by the turn of conversation.

Removal of the hair-pin was effected by first inserting within the meatus a Gruber speculum, encircling the unbroken projecting prong, and then raising the end of the broken one with a long-shanked aural hook, when the hair-pin was readily withdrawn.

Smyley, Arthur Hudson, God Shammgod, Michael McGuinness, Jane Meara, Liza Dawson, Jim Landis, Bob Mecoy, Clare Alexander, Henry Eisig, Miguel Ibarra, Fran Lubow, Pat McFadden, Todd Siegal, Lovable Dupreme Akbar Physics, Ed Kosner, Troy, Donald Goines, Mark Rosenthal, Brian Walls, Bill Clark, Bob Losada, Reginald Morgan, Vanessa Grant, Mary Anne Sally, Floyd Simmons, Ava Elwort, Lou Shimpkin, Skeeter, Peter Herbst, Father Devine, Wayne Barrett, Jack Newfield, Greg Cox, Joanne Gruber, Charlie, Richard Mayronne, Frances Kessler, Michael Lynne, Wallace Cheat-ham, Joe Lopez, Thaddeus, and everyone else in or on probation who helped me.

Mi censurable nombre es Shu T'ung y ejerzo, ante el escarnio unánime, el cargo de agregado cultural de la Embajada china, gruta desacreditada y malsana.

Printed on Arslan in the tenth year of the third indiction of President Bella Gruen.

Ursula Gruber, director of Observational Research, and one of the most dignified-looking women Sianna had ever seen.

She slipped into the only remaining seat, between the marine colonel, Jay Gruen, and Major Damia Pharr, head of the medical team.

He persuaded his organist, a man named Franz Gruber, to set to music a poem he had written two years earlier at a pilgrim church.