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GRS may refer to:

  • GRS-TV, a TV channel in Texas, USA
  • GR-S or Government Rubber-Styrene, a substance used during World War II to replace natural rubber
  • Gamma ray spectrometer, an instrument for detecting elements
  • Gamma Ray Spectrometer, a mission/instrument for 2001 Mars Odyssey spacecraft
  • General Railway Signal, a railway signaling company
  • Genital reassignment surgery or gender reassignment surgery or sex reassignment surgery
  • The Gerry Ryan Show, a long-running Irish radio show
  • Gifted Rating Scales, educational assessment test
  • Global Resource Serialization, the locking facility provided by IBM for data sets and other entities
  • Graves Registration Service, a service within the United States Army for recovering war dead
  • Great Red Spot, a feature on Jupiter
  • Great River School, a Montessori charter school in St. Paul Minnesota
  • Guilford Rail System, now known as Pan Am Railways
  • Galvanized Rigid Steel, a common type of electrical conduit