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group therapy
▪ Hamlet re-visited, or Art aspiring to the condition of group therapy for the chattering classes?
▪ He made up his mind to participate in the group therapy sessions he had been sitting through mutely.
▪ Manz told her physician about the idea, and he agreed that group therapy might just do the trick.
▪ Most cricket schools prefer group therapy.
▪ Psychotherapy and group therapy - as an out-patient or in-patient - may also be prescribed.
▪ Some of them are returned to normal prisons before they ever make the intensive group therapy regime.
▪ The women also receive individual and group therapy.
▪ They meet in a daily group therapy session, and very quickly become lovers.
group therapy

n. group psychotherapy, a form of therapy where patients are treated as a group, using group dynamics.

group therapy

n. psychotherapy in which a small group of individuals meet with a therapist; interactions among the members are considered to be therapeutic [syn: group psychotherapy]

Group Therapy (Concrete Blonde album)

The sixth studio album by alternative rock band Concrete Blonde, after their break-up and reunion.

The album was originally released on January 15, 2002 by Manifesto Records.

Group Therapy (Dope album)

Group Therapy is the third studio album by nu metal band Dope. The enhanced portion of the album contains a music video for each song. Group Therapy shows the band expanding on the more alternative metal style music the band had started on their previous album, Life, and most of the industrial style music has been toned down. The album contains some of the band's most heavy and aggressive songs while certain songs such as "Sing", "Another Day Goes By" and "Easier" show a softer, more melodic sound. In the second half of 2004 the album had already sold about 37,749 in United States.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy may refer to:

  • Group Therapy (group), a hip hop supergroup
  • Group Therapy (Concrete Blonde album), 2002
  • Group Therapy (Above & Beyond album), 2011
  • Group Therapy (Dope album), 2003
  • Group Therapy Radio, a radio show hosted by the trance music group Above & Beyond
  • New York Jazz Sextet: Group Therapy, 1966
  • Group psychotherapy, a form of psychotherapy
Group Therapy (Above & Beyond album)

Group Therapy is the second studio album by British progressive trance group Above & Beyond. It was released on 6 June 2011 by Anjunabeats. The album features collaborations with Zoë Johnston and Richard Bedford. The album has 15 tracks.

Group Therapy (Alter Natives album)

Group Therapy is the second studio album by Alter Natives, released in June 1988 by SST Records.

Usage examples of "group therapy".

Remo looked at Lithia Forrester and then realized the secret of group therapy.

He claims he was holding the ground floor open until Koppel and the others decided about group therapy.

Such group therapy is a common psychiatric treatment and often helpful, but in this scene we'll see how the Nurse manipulates the meetings to maintain her control over the patients.

It was entitled 'Transactional Analysis: A New and Effective Method of Group Therapy'.

After a while her silence about her own experiences began to stand out, and she learned to spot the casual-looking roundup techniques for the only-apparently-impromptu group therapy, and make herself scarce.

Residential care, medical consultation, individual counseling, group therapy &quot.

Val Riordan had called her, insisting that she come to a group therapy session for widows, but Estelle had said no.