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a. worthless, unappealing, deserving contempt, highly disagreeable

Usage examples of "grotsky".

The evil Grotsky leaned forward in his chair and spoke confidingly to Bill.

The slightly less-despicable Grotsky put another bottle of beer up on the desk to replace the empty one Bill had just put down.

He looked carefully at his pal Grotsky, checking for seams around the hairline.

A miniature President Grotsky, a little thinner than when Bill had met him and looking more than ever just like Sam and Sid, stood on the counter.

He was bald, with just a fringe of hair, and obviously well-fed, but otherwise he was another member of the look-alike set that included President Millard Grotsky, Sam, Sid, and all the other bodyguards.

I just figured that I could help President Grotsky best by staying in my job.

Then Grotsky came along, and the Troopers — guys just like you, hotshot," and she poked Bill in his gut with a remarkably strong finger, "— started dropping bombs on us.

So under Grotsky we had bombings and the draft, and under the junta we have bombings and the draft.

But Sam and Sid were horrified that no one seemed to care that their beloved President Grotsky was being held captive by the military high command.

They rescued President Grotsky, rallied the crowds, got the army on their side, and took back control of the government.

But here I am chattering away, when I know President Grotsky must be dying to see you.