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n. (plural of grog English)

Grogs (YTV)

Grogs were the different puppet characters on various YTV programming blocks between 1992 and 1994. They were created by 21-year-olds Jason Hopley and Jamie Shannon in their first professional puppeteering job. The duo later founded The Grogs puppet company, and went on to do other puppet based entertainment such as the Mr. Meaty show, Nanalan', Playhouse Disney, and Hotbox. Hopley and Shannon originally began the low budget project as volunteers, after having dropped out of York University. After the initial success of the Grogs, the pair were hired full time by YTV.

The most famous of the Grogs was Warren Chester Grog, a frog/turtle/moss character with a grumpy voice and cynical disposition. Other Grogs included Gidian, Chigonk, Rosencrantz, Jasper, Filth, Sorbet, and Iffer. During the Grog era, a ceiling hung television was prominent on the YTV's programming blocks and the PJs of these blocks sat behind a desk in a style similar to a news broadcast. The Grogs were very popular, receiving as much fan mail as the human PJs.

The Grogs had a number of specials on YTV. Most notably on January 1, 1994, Warren staged a fictional coup of the YTV television station and "hijacked" the network, which was renamed WTV (as in Warren TV), and involved him locking up any way in or out of the YTV studio and assigning Filth as the chief engineer. The takeover was announced by Warren in late 1993, and the character started a tie-in contest in which kids could fill in some "skill-testing questions" printed on the Christmas edition of TV Guide, send it to YTV and, if at least one answer was correct, could win one of 100 t-shirts signed by him. Each shirt displayed an image of the Grog encircled in words reading, "On Jan. 1st, 1994, TV Guide and I helped Warren Chester Grog take over YTV to create a network with attitude: WTV." The takeover was eventually thwarted by PJ Fresh Phil and PJ Jenn at the conclusion of a long-running plotline.

This signalled the end of the Grog era, as a dispute had broken out between the station and the puppeteers behind the scenes. YTV wanted to produce toys based on the Grogs, but Hopley and Shannon demanded rights over their creations, which resulted in the pair being fired from the station. A purple, gum-covered TV/computer named Snit soon filled in the "fictional host" niche, from 1994 until 1997. A new series of puppets parallel to Snit, called Fuzzpaws, eventually took over the full roles of their early 1990s counterparts in 1995.

Usage examples of "grogs".

Afterwards, the Grogs spent every spare moment fashioning lures, rods, and reels.

The Coastal Patrols looked on the marines as only one rung above the Grogs on the evolutionary ladder, and a short rung at that: gun-toting, useless ballast for most of the trip.

That way Ahn-Kha leading his Grogs to the arms locker won't seem so unusual—they're supposed to go ashore first anyway.

Valentine had to get down to Ahn-Kha and his Grogs, so he would at least have a nucleus of armed men to command.

Valentine turned a corner and caught sight of a knot of Grogs standing behind a small, bright spotlight pointed down the corridor.

Ahn-Kha's Grogs joined in, beating metal tools against the pipes and walls, adding a metallic clamor to their combined voices.

Some of the Grogs sat down hard, holding their heads in their hands at the motionless feel of terra firma.

For a while there, it was trench warfare: the men and Grogs working for the Kurians were trying to blast them out of these hills with artillery.

The Grogs were already sleeping in a heap of limbs and broad backs, like pigs seeking the comfort of each other's warmth in a cold sty.

Ahn-Kha's Grogs called to each other from a wide semicircle around the armory.

The Grogs had noses to rival Valentine's own, and they tracked the future chops and sidemeat to their hiding places.

The sight and sound of charging Grogs amidst the Thunderbolt's shell-fire proved too much for the thin line of riflemen.

Ahn-Kha and his surviving Grogs stuck close to Valentine as he moved about, like children keeping close to their parent among strangers.

Ahn-Kha bellowed, and his Grogs grabbed cooking implements from the campfire.

The Grogs howled and ran around the other side of the wagon in pursuit.