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a. (context US slang English) disgusting, unpleasant; gross.


GRO or Gro may mean:

  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online
  • Compton Gamma Ray Observatory
  • General Register Office
  • Girona-Costa Brava Airport (IATA code)
  • Green River Ordinance, an American rock band from Fort Worth, TX.
  • GRO, the three-letter station code for the Greensboro, North Carolina Amtrak station
  • Gro, a variant of Gróa, the wife of Aurvandil the Bold in Norse mythology
  • Guest Relations Officer, a bargirl euphemism.

Usage examples of "gro".

En effet, elle etait en lambeaux, dechiree aux entournures et surtout a la taille par les doigts gros des danseurs.

Derriere le cercueil, au poele blanc dont les cordons etaient tenus par quatre petits garcons, raidement habilles de gros drap noir, le pere et la mere se tenaient par le bras.

Il etait petit, gros, le visage jaune, avec des yeux pleins de mitraille et un air de tranquillite.

Comment, Baptiste Croque-Oison, toi qui as un si beau nez, tu vas le risquer contre les gros poings de ce butor!

To her right she could make out the dry, low hills of the Gros Ventre Range.

Eh bien, mon vieux, demanda le gros ministre, que trafique notre citoyen?

The great rocks La Coniere, La Longy, Le Gros Etac, Le Teton, and the Petite Sambiere, rise up like volcanic monuments from a floor of lava and trailing vraic, which at half-tide makes the sea a tender mauve and violet.

Les mots ne peuvent rendre la pensee de Jacqueline, ils sont trop gros pour cela!

Groen en blauw waren de overheersende kleuren, met hier en daar rode, bruine of gele stroken, witte wolkenbanden en bijzonder kleine ijskappen.

Historically, the country beyond the upper Missouri was Blackfoot, but the reservation at Fort Belknap was Assiniboine and Gros Ventre, traditional enemies up until the late nineteenth century, when federal policy had settled the two tribes together.

At the command of William the Red, the eminent engineer, Robert de Bellesme, constructed there a powerful fortress that was attacked later by Louis le Gros, then by the Norman barons, was defended by Robert de Candos, was finally ceded to Louis le Gros by Geoffry Plantagenet, was retaken by the English in consequence of the treachery of the Knights-Templars, was contested by Philippe-Augustus and Richard the Lionhearted, was set on fire by Edward III of England, who could not take the castle, was again taken by the English in 1419, restored later to Charles VIII by Richard de Marbury, was taken by the Duke of Calabria occupied by the League, inhabited by Henry IV, etc.

Venetian Specific, which you can sell at two florins a pound, while it will only cost you four gros.

Vesian, I told the coachman to drive us to the Gros Caillou, where we made an excellent impromptu dinner, the cheerfulness of the guests making up for the deficiencies of the servants.

It tasted something as I should conceive a royal cutlet from the thigh of Louis le Gros might have tasted, supposing him to have been killed the first day after the venison season, and that particular venison season contemporary with an unusually fine vintage of the vineyards of Champagne.

And yet it says nothing for your weapon, mon gros camarade, for it was by turning yourself into a crossbow that you did it.