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Griggs -- U.S. County in North Dakota
Population (2000): 2754
Housing Units (2000): 1521
Land area (2000): 708.501260 sq. miles (1835.009761 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 7.665091 sq. miles (19.852494 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 716.166351 sq. miles (1854.862255 sq. km)
Located within: North Dakota (ND), FIPS 38
Location: 47.456991 N, 98.209448 W
Griggs, ND
Griggs County
Griggs County, ND

Griggs may refer to:

Griggs (surname)

Griggs is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Andy Griggs (born 1973), American country music artist
  • Bill Griggs (born ?), Australian surgeon and inventor
  • Bill Griggs (football) (born in 1962), American football player
  • Clark Robinson Griggs (fl. 1850–60s), American politician, mayor of Urbana, Illinois
  • C. Wilfred Griggs (born ?), American professor of ancient scripture and Egyptologist
  • Frederick Landseer Griggs (1876-1938), English etcher and artist
  • Johanna Griggs (born 1973), Australian swimmer and television presenter
  • John W. Griggs (1849–1927), American politician, governor of New Jersey
  • Nigel Griggs (born 1949), British musician, brother of Paul Griggs
  • Paul Griggs (born 1944), British musician, brother of Nigel Griggs
  • Robert Fiske Griggs (1881–1962), American botanist and ecologist
  • S. David Griggs (1939–1989), United States Navy officer and NASA astronaut
  • Sutton E. Griggs (1872–1933), American author, Baptist minister, and social activist
  • William Griggs, American doctor who diagnosed the witches of Salem.

Usage examples of "griggs".

Lieutenant Ahmed Griggs sighed, and leaned back in his chair to run his fingers through his thick, reddish hair.

Hofschulte asked, and Griggs chuckled sourly at the proof that her thoughts were paralleling his own.

Lieutenant Griggs and the other troopers in Griggs' unit detached from the regiment as an escort for the Princess in her trip were heavily armed, scowling as ferociously as such well-trained and disciplined soldiers ever did, and making absolutely clear with their body language alone that they would instantly gun down any paparazzi who managed to break through the police line.

Professor Du Havel has agreed to stand in as a surrogate parent, and Lieutenant Griggs, the commander of the princess' security team, has been kept fully informed of my plans.

The biggest one was Bulanchik herself, a long-service noncom who, like Griggs, held the Sphinx Cross.

Almost all of its personnel were on at least their second term of enlistment in the Royal Manticoran Army (those who hadn't been cross-transferred from the Marines, as Griggs himself had been), and the Queen's Own was able to pick and choose only the very best.

He knew the man's reputation, and if Anton Zilwicki thought something was important enough for him to leave for a month, Griggs didn't really doubt it was true.

Like all officers assigned to the Queen's Own, Griggs was quite well aware of the political situation in the Star Kingdom.

On such occasions, Lieutenant Griggs would have been able to take all the added security measures which were taken for granted during such elaborate events.

If Griggs had tried to push the issue, the Erewhonese would have simply declared the space station off limits for the princess—and he would have had to face Ruth's wrath.

In truth, Griggs was not really expecting any trouble here that he and his troopers couldn't handle readily enough.

That single code word was the most terrifying thing any member of a Manticoran protective detail could hear, and Lieutenant Ahmed Griggs reacted to it instantly.

Blood and bodies were everywhere, in a whirlwind of carnage, and the sheer number of attackers told Griggs this was a major operation.

Lieutenant Griggs had been too unbending for Berry to warm up to him much, though she'd had no doubts of his devotion to duty.

I showed a thumb toward Griggs, who was pouring a drink, his facial muscles twitching.