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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Grewsome \Grew"some\, Gruesome \Grue"some\, a. [From a word akin to Dan. gru horror, terror + -some; cf. D. gruwzaam, G. grausam. Cf. Grisly.] Ugly; frightful.

Grewsome sights of war.
--C. Kingsley.


a. (obsolete spelling of gruesome English)

Usage examples of "grewsome".

She doubted it, since the very thought of possible contact with these grewsome creatures sent a shudder through her frame.

But by far the most grewsome and uncanny sight of all was that of the heads crawling about upon their spider legs.

Simultaneously there came from behind the hangings beyond the grewsome dead a hollow moan followed by a piercing scream, and the hangings shook and bellied before their eyes.

True, there were the usual night-sounds of the country—the whir of night-birds, the buzzing of insects, the barking of distant dogs, the mellow lowing of far-off kine—but these didn’t seem to break the stillness, they only intensified it, and added a grewsome melancholy to it into the bargain.