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Gretzky (album)

Gretzky is the debut full-length album by Canadian instrumental progressive metal band Electro Quarterstaff. It is named after hockey legend Wayne Gretzky and follows the trend of naming their releases as the last name of a male celebrity, begun on their first EP, Swayze (named for Patrick Swayze) and continued with the release of their second LP Aykroyd.

Gretzky (disambiguation)

Wayne Gretzky is a retired National Hockey League player.

Gretzky may also refer to:

  • Gretzky (surname) (Russian Грецкий), a Belarusian and Russian surname of Polish aristocratic origin
  • Gretzky (album), an album by Electro Quarterstaff
  • Wayne Gretzky Drive, a freeway in Edmonton, Canada
Gretzky (surname)

Gretzky (Belarusian: Грэцкі, Russian: Грецкий) is a Belarusian and Russian family name. In Poland the surname is Grecki.

The name is best known in English speaking countries as the surname of one of Canada's most famous hockey players - Wayne Gretzky. Wayne Gretzky's father Walter Gretzky reports that his own father, an immigrant to Canada, was of consciously Belarusian landowner stock.