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Sam stood well back behind the others, looking for Grenn or Dolorous Edd.

There was only the one Grenn carried, the flames rising from it like pale orange silks.

Barmen was dead, though, and Dywen gone with Grenn and Dolorous Edd and the others.

He'd given the first knife to Grenn, but thankfully he'd remembered to take Lord Mormont's dagger before fleeing Craster's Keep.

When the last was gone, Grenn kicked loose the chocks on a barrel of pitch and sent it rumbling and rolling over the edge as well.

Satin did the same, and Grenn, Owen the Oaf, Spare Boot, Black Jack Bulwer, Arron and Emrick.

Jon commanded, and Kegs blew two long blasts, to wake Grenn and the other sleepers who'd had the watch during the night.

Pyp, Grenn, and Sam trailed after him, chattering, but he hardly heard a word until Grenn whispered, "Sam did it," and Pyp said, "Sam did it!

The big lout Grenn laughed, and even Samwell Tarly managed a weak little smile.

The night before they left the Wall, Pyp had teased Grenn the way he did, Sam remembered, smiling and saying how Grenn was a good choice for the ranging, since he was too stupid to be terrified.

Pyp always teased Grenn about being thick as a castle wall, so Sam explained patiently.

But Dywen listened, and Dolorous Edd, and they made Sam and Grenn tell the Lord Commander.

So now all they had was Mormont's dagger and the one Sam had given Grenn, plus nineteen arrows and a tall hardwood spear with a black dragonglass head.

They burned the ranger's corpse at sunset, in the fire that Grenn had been feeding earlier that day.

He put his shoulder to the one barrel with Grenn, while Kegs and Owen were wrestling with another.