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Grenfell "Gren" Jones MBE (13 June 1934 – 4 January 2007) was one of Wales's best-known and longest-serving newspaper cartoonists.

Gren (disambiguation)

Gren may refer to

  • Gren (band)
  • Gren (name)
  • Gren automotive, an international manufacturer of automotive brake components
  • Piz Gren, a mountain of the Swiss Lepontine Alps
  • Wenner-Gren Center in Vasastaden, Stockholm
  • Ivan Gren-class landing ship
Gren (band)

Gren was a power pop trio consisting of Brett White (vocals, guitar), Marcus Gonzales (bass) and John "Possum" Hill (drums).

Gren formed in Los Angeles, California, USA, in the spring of 1994. The band was signed to I.R.S. Records and released their first full-length album Camp Grenada in 1995. Recorded in 10 days and produced by Tim O'Heir (Sebadoh, Belly, Dinosaur Jr) at Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles, it was promoted by several North American tours including a support slot on the Ramones' Adios Amigos Farewell Tour in 1995 and 1996. The record's grungy pop-punk sound drew immediate comparisons with Green Day and Nirvana.

Gren had a Billboard Top 40 Hot Mainstream Rock radio single with "She Shines" in 1996 and a video for "She Shines" directed by Mark Miremont was aired on MTV's 120 Minutes in January of that same year.

After the fall of I.R.S. Records in 1996, Gren disbanded.

Gren (name)

Gren is both a given name and a surname. As a given name it is often used as a short name of Grenville or Grenfell. It may refer to

Given name
  • Gren (Grenfell Jones, 1934–2007), Welsh newspaper cartoonist
  • Gren Alabaster (born 1933), New Zealand cricketer
  • Grenville Goodwin (c. 1898–1951), Canadian politician
  • Gren Jones (footballer) (1932–1991), English football player
  • Gren Wells, American filmmaker, screenwriter, and actor
  • Axel Wenner-Gren (1881–1961), Swedish entrepreneur
  • Friedrich Albrecht Carl Gren (1760–1798), German chemist
  • Gunnar Gren (1920–1991), Swedish football player and coach
  • Hans Gren (born 1957), Swedish football manager
  • Martin Gren (born 1962), Swedish entrepreneur and inventor
  • Mats Gren (born 1963), Swedish football player and coach

Usage examples of "gren".

It was made in Holland for Peter the Great, but the ship which carried it was wrecked near Grenen, and the model was saved by the Skaw fishermen.

As the rest of the sec men started returning fire with their flintlocks, Krysty rolled a gren under the armored wag.

Releasing the chains holding the Hummers in place, the sec man started the war wags, while the navvies tossed in bags of ammo, grens and the small portable Firebirds.

A platoon of blue shirts was running toward her, armed with longblasters, wheelguns and grens.

Zaks, more than anything else, enabled the Side 3 Zeon Archduchy to embark on its War of Independence and helped the opening rounds of the One Week Battle to go more or less as Gren and Krishia Zavi had expected.

Ryan said, and grabbed it from Krysty to smash the pressurized lamp on top of a sealed wooden crate carrying the alphanumeric sequence for thermite grens.

She was a fine woman from a good Archduchy family and loved him deeply, but she had been passed along to him from Gren, and he had never been completely able to shake off a sense of humiliation.

But they could also find a well-stocked armory with crates of MRE packs, LAW rockets, grens, even Stingers and IR antihelicopter rockets.

Ther wat3 lokyng on lenthe the lude to beholde, For vch mon had meruayle quat hit mene my3t That a hathel and a horse my3t such a hwe lach, As growe grene as the gres and grener hit semed, Then grene aumayl on golde glowande bry3ter.

Even as Jeff had been receiving information from the Genessee, he had Gollee Gren contacting the Mrdini High Council representative stationed on Earth.

Chapter Ten Wincing in pain, Autry said, "Even if he's out of grens, he still holds the pass.

A single HE gren was found and added to the small pile on the crate, then a battered Claymore mine in questionable working condition.

He had been given to understand by Gollee Gren that the abortive incident had been expunged from the record.

The buggy was going faster than they'd guessed, and he saw suddenly that the three men with the flamers were going to have a serious problem getting close enough if the grens didn't do their stuff.

But one and a half hits out of six grens was devastatingly poor, even by those low standards.