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Greg is a masculine given name, generally a shortened form ( hypocorism) of Gregory. Greg is also occasionally a surname. Greg is the name of:

Greg (cartoonist)

Michel Régnier (5 May 1931 – 29 October 1999), best known by his pseudonymGreg, was a Belgian cartoonist best known for Achille Talon, and later became editor of Tintin magazine.

Usage examples of "greg".

Miller, Riner, and two DEA agents, Cliff Best and Greg Lee, waited nearby.

Greg Davidson had announced his intention to leave Bonita Vista and everyone had gathered around swapping anti-association stories.

With the exception of a few images of Greg LeMond in the Tour de France, Jamie Corde thought of speed and speed only.

Soon enough everyone was gathered around them, Damiana sitting next to Fiona, Greg beside Reed, Elminstra on the other side of Damiana, and all the other neighbors falling in as they chose.

Ty watched his own feet leave the ice as Greg Porter, a gorilla-sized defenseman for Dallas, smashed him into the boards, his left shoulder jamming up into his ear.

So, after talking to Greg over the phone, Deo and Megan had set out in search of him.

Robert Berkowitz, Dale Coddington, Eric Corley, Delin Cormeny, Ed Cummings, Art Davis, Michelle Delio, Sam Downing, John Draper, Paul Dryman, Nick Duva, Roy Eskapa, Alex Fielding, Lisa Flores, Brock Frank, Steve Gibson, Jerry Greenblatt, Greg Grunberg, Bill Handle, David G.

Greg Wayfield hummed a few bars after a while and then began to sing the words, and I looked up from my fettucini in surprise because this was no geriatric disaster but a good true voice, gentle, virile and full of timbre.

Greg is one of a small number of Young Onset patients involved in grassroots P.

She had been surprised when Greger had told her Carissa was not yet home.

Carissa had taken Timothy first, and Greger and one of the footmen had hauled the coachman off to his own bed to sleep off the effects.

She smiled at Greger, and the butler bowed his head slightly, but the smile he returned was warm with affection.

She ran past Greger, ignoring his question asking if anything was wrong.

She would send Greger into town to wire a warning to Ryan, but she chaffed with impatience.

She was surprised to find Greger sitting in the hallway, half asleep, waiting for her.