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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gree \Gree\, v. i. [From Agree.] To agree. [Obs.]


Gree \Gree\, n.; pl. Grees (gr[=e]z); obs. plurals Greece (gr[=e]s) Grice (gr[imac]s or gr[=e]s), Grise, Grize (gr[imac]z or gr[=e]z), etc. [OF. gr['e], F. grade. See Grade.] A step.


Gree \Gree\, n. [F. gr['e]. See Grateful, and cf. Agree.]

  1. Good will; favor; pleasure; satisfaction; -- used esp. in such phrases as: to take in gree; to accept in gree; that is, to take favorably. [Obs.]

    Accept in gree, my lord, the words I spoke.

  2. Rank; degree; position. [Obs. or Scot.]

    He is a shepherd great in gree.

  3. The prize; the honor of the day; as, to bear the gree, i. e., to carry off the prize. [Obs. or Scot.]


Etymology 1 n. 1 (label en obsolete) One of a flight of steps. 2 (label en obsolete) A stage in a process; a degree of rank or station. 3 (label en now Scotland) pre-eminence; victory or superiority in combat (hence also, the prize for winning a combat). Etymology 2

n. (context now Scotland English) pre-eminence; victory or superiority in combat (hence also, the prize for winning a combat). Etymology 3

n. (context archaic English) pleasure, goodwill, satisfaction. Etymology 4

vb. (context obsolete English) To agree.


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Usage examples of "gree".

A split second later Gree hit Valdez, and in an instant had ripped his arm from his body and thrown it across the room.

Sandor Gree looked up briefly, then returned to his inventory list and order forms.

The earth rumbled beneath the horde as it charged, while clouds of gree flapped and whirled above the reavers, squeaking like bats.

A few lost gree shot through the cave with the speed of an arrow, searching for reavers that served as hosts for the insects and parasitic worms upon which the gree fed.

To Iome, with her six endowments of metabolism, the gree hawk did not seem to present much of a threat, but to a commoner it would have seemed to be flitting about at lightning speed.

Soon, gree began to whip overhead on wriggling wings, squeaking as if in agony.

And all through the air, flocks of gree wheeled about on squeaking wings, like nervous bats.

Borenson could not see them well, for a cloud of gree blackened the sky above.

The rumble grew steadily louder, and soon gree began to whip above the courtyard, a sign that reavers were here.

Howlers trumpeted in their midst, and the earth seemed to groan beneath their feet while clouds of gree whirled above the throng.

Overhead, a pair of blazing meteors hurtled, their red traces barely visible through the clouds of smoke and dark gree that hovered above Carris.

Eldership only a cyclic ago, the result of a drudokyi attack elsewhere on Gree, and she was still coming to grips with these new limitations that had been imposed on her.

Maybe when he got to Gree and had a chance to talk with Klnn-dawan-a, the two of them might be able to come up with something.

He then went to see your mother, and after that he was to board a spacecraft for Gree to see Klnn-dawan-a.

Thrr-gilag said, gazing out at the rocky Gree landscape flowing by beneath them.