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Greco may refer to:

  • greco-, a prefix used to refer to Greece
  • GRECO: Group of States Against Corruption
  • Greco (surname), a list of people with this surname
  • El Greco (1541–1614), a Greek-Spanish painter, sculptor and architect
  • El Greco (album), a composition by Vangelis
  • El Greco (wines), Estate wines made, with imported grapes, in Sonoma, California
  • Biographical films about the painter El Greco, produced in 1966 and 2007
  • Greco (Chrono Cross), a playable character from Chrono Cross
  • Greco guitars, a Japanese guitar manufacturer
  • Group of States Against Corruption, a structure of the Council of Europe
  • a Greek style one-piece swimsuit
  • Gioachino Greco 17th-century Italian chess player
  • Greco (district of Milan)
Greco (surname)

Greco is a common Italian surname, ranking 10th among the most widespread surnames in Italy, and it literally means " Greek". Historically, its popularity is due to the frequent relationships between Italy and Greece: in particular, it spread within the Griko communities of Southern Italy and the Arbëreshë minority emigrated from the Balkans since the 15th century.

Variants of the surname include Del Greco, Della Greca, Greci, Grego, Grieco, La Greca, Lagreca, Lo Greco, Logreco, Logrieco, Grech, Grecco, etc.

Greco (grape)

Greco is an Italian wine grape that may be of Greek origin. The name relates to both white (Greco bianco) and black (Greco nero) wine grape varieties. While there is more land area dedicated to Greco nero, the Greco bianco is the grape most commonly referred to by the shorthand "Greco". In the Campania region it is used to produce the Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) wine Greco di Tufo. In Calabria, it is used to make the Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) wine Greco di Bianco. The name "Greco" is sometimes used as a synonym for several varieties of supposed Greek origins-most notably Trebbiano.

Greco (district of Milan)

Greco is a district (" quartiere") of Milan, Italy, part of the Zone 2 administrative division, located north-east of the city centre. Before being annexed to the city of Milan (in 1923) it was an independent comune, named Greco Milanese. As "Greco" is the Italian word for Greek, it has been suggested that the name refer to an old Greek settlement in the area; nevertheless, scholars tend to believe that the place was actually named after the Greco family that used to live here (at least until the 12th Century).

The architecture and urban layout of Greco still reveal its origins as a small rural " borgo". Several old " cascine" (the typical country house of Lombardy) are still in place and have been restored to meet modern standards while retaining their original overall style.