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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Greasily \Greas"i*ly\, adv.

  1. In a greasy manner.

  2. In a gross or indelicate manner. [Obs.]

    You talk greasily; your lips grow foul.


adv. In a greasy manner.


adv. in a greasy manner; "the food was greasily unappetizing"

Usage examples of "greasily".

He was so unpleasant looking--all that lank blond hair falling greasily across his brow, those awful Coke-bottle- thick glasses.

The Peaches was fifty meters above the ground, wobbling greasily and moving at the speed of a fast walk.

Signora Strega-Borgia gagged as a wave of decomposing goose rolled greasily into the corridor.

After he had bowed and smiled greasily, he tucked his napkin tighter under his chin and fell once more upon the gravy.

An eyeless white toad burped greasily at him from the top of a deformed skull.

Pools of fouled black water gleamed greasily in the wan daylight, fringed with charred, stinking vegetation.

The worry that had been churning greasily in his gut exploded into full-fledged fear.

The counterman picked them up, struck one, and the hunks of shirt blazed greasily alight.

The great vehicle shifted greasily around me, then began to turn slowly on its axis.

Instead of the old-fashioned short back and sides his hair curled greasily down to his shoulders.

His face, a light yellow or beige when clean, was wrinkled brown and black with dirt, and his hair straggled greasily about his temples and collar.