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The Collaborative International Dictionary

greased \greased\ adj. smeared with oil or grease to reduce friction; as, a greased pig is too slippery to hold.

Syn: lubricated.


vb. (en-past of: grease)


adj. smeared with oil or grease to reduce friction [syn: lubricated] [ant: unlubricated]


Greased is an EP by Less Than Jake featuring songs from the musical Grease including "Summer Nights", "You're The One That I Want" and "Greased Lightning"'. Greased has been released twice - the first release was discontinued to avoid a lawsuit with Paramount Pictures (who own the rights to the film) and Universal Music Group (who own the rights to the songs featured in the film Grease), and the second was released several months later after a deal had been reached. The re-release featured different artwork (pictured on the right).

Usage examples of "greased".

He looked hard and tough, because of his black T-shirt and his blue jeans and jacket, and because his hair was heavily greased and so long.

In a noiseless explosion he penetrates the broken house, stepping over the greased crystals, a clock ticks loud in the kitchen, hot air ruffles his hair, his head disintegrates in a heavy duck load.

Both boots were on, though one was dirty brown and the other black as a greased stove lid.

His hair was greased and dressed in a crest, from which two turkey feathers stiffly pointed.

A man standing in the bleeding trees with his head plucked bald, save a standing crest of black, greased hair.

The smooth linen of his shirtfront was cool against the heated glow of my greased breasts, and while the wool of his kilt was much scratchier against my naked thighs and belly, the sensation was by no means unpleasant.

Muttered imprecations rose as thick as the rank smell of their greased hair, and black eyes glared at him as dark leathery hands were laid to the hilts of curved sword-knives.

A fur-capped Hyrkanian stepped up to the table, the rancid odor of his lank, greased hair overpowering the smells of the tavern.

He was trailed by a narrow-jawed Hyrkanian, greased mustaches framing his mouth and chin.

His chest was as broad and as hard as one of the kegs in the larder, and his curly blond hair looked disheveled no matter how often he wetted or greased it down.

In a wooden crate I find several gray, lightly greased ball hearings made of solid steel, each a little bigger than a golf ball, wrapped in oily paper.

Death descended on the puppy so suddenly that the expression of happiness was still on its mouth and in its eyes long after Grenouille had bedded it down in the impregnating room on a grate between two greased plates, where it exuded its pure doggy scent, unadulterated by the sweat of fear.

First he unfolded the impregnating cloth, spread it loosely on its back over the table and chairs, taking care that the greased side not be touched.

You can even use greased metal coffee cans for rounds and amaze your friends when you give them round sandwiches.

Let the bread dough rise according to package directions, but do it in a greased bowl instead of a bread pan.