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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gre \Gre\, n. See Gree, a step. [Obs.]


Gre \Gre\, n. See Gree, good will. [Obs.]


n. (obsolete form of gree English)

GRE (disambiguation)

GRE is the Graduate Record Examinations, a standardized test created and administered by the Educational Testing Service in the United States

GRE may also refer to:

  • Gecko rendering engine, used by Mozilla web browsers
  • Generic Routing Encapsulation, a type of tunnel used on routers
  • Glucocorticoid response elements, a type of hormone response element DNA sequence
  • Grand River Enterprises, a Canadian tobacco and bottled water company
  • GRE (company) (General Research of Electronics, Inc.), a defunct Japanese multinational radio and electronics equipment manufacturer
  • Greece national football team, FIFA country code
  • IOC country code for Greece at the Olympics
  • Great Russian Encyclopedia, a universal Russian encyclopedia
GRE (company)

GRE (株式会社 ゼネラル リサ-チ オブ エレクトロニックス General Research of Electronics, Inc.) was a Japan-based multinational manufacturer of electronics equipment, primarily in the fields of radio and other telecommunications. Their products included transceivers, radio scanners, antennas, GPS devices, and satellite equipment. They also produced OEM equipment for other companies, including Radio Shack, Uniden and Commtel.

GRE was established in 1961, and its headquarters was located in Tokyo. GRE had a manufacturing facility in Chiba Prefecture which closed in October 2012. In late 1977, GRE established "GRE America, Inc.", its first overseas operation, with a head office in California. The company established its second overseas corporation, "GRE (Hong Kong), Ltd.", in 1986.

In October, 2012, their China factory was shuttered and they ceased all production. While there have been some reports that GRE intends to resume business, without hardware engineers, software engineers, or major customers, it is unlikely that they will ever be able to resume production. GRE America continues to service GRECOM products and to sell and service Alinco radio products for the North American market.

In May, 2013, GRE America Inc (USA Branch) moved from its Belmont, CA location after losing Alinco’s Distribution rights in North American market. GRE America relocated in the City of San Leandro, CA.

In January, 2014, Whistler Group took over production of GRE's scanner line. Due to several of GRE's engineers working with Whistler, the products produced by the overtaking company are very similar to that of GRE's at the time of operation cessation. Whistler later began selling radio scanners formerly produced for Radio Shack with separate product numbers but identical hardware.

In February, 2014, GRE (Japan) head office closed its Tokyo office and relocated to its Chiba location where they had once produced its product line when it first established back in 1961.

In September 2014 'General Research of Electronics' Japan (GRE) decided cease its USA business operations and closed its California office since there is no active business due to lack of financial resource and development capabilities at GRE Japan.

CEO/President: Kazunori Imazeki (2006 - Current)

Usage examples of "gre".

Il est vrai que ce Mecene ne repandait ses bienfaits que sur des artistes morts depuis longtemps: Hobbema, Velasquez, Paul Veronese et autres qui ne lui savaient aucun gre de ses largesses.

Iho on eebeoungeaa ncto doa fnoddhetb s s ruli gre aost wfirgerinyewI tr wd awey t a cI ac, hledgegee afdp son r.

After scoring a perfect 800 on his GRE, he received an assistantship at one of the best schools in the South.

At first all styles of gres were called gres de Flandres, but later the single term gres was given them.

Iho on eebeoungeaa ncto doa fnoddhetb s s ruli gre aost wfirgerinyewI tr wd awey t a cI ac, hledgegee afdp son r.

No wonder is thogh that she were astoned To seen so greet a grest come in that place.

Ther wat3 lokyng on lenthe the lude to beholde, For vch mon had meruayle quat hit mene my3t That a hathel and a horse my3t such a hwe lach, As growe grene as the gres and grener hit semed, Then grene aumayl on golde glowande bry3ter.

There was fat Greber, the Vice Chancellor, fighting desperately to stay awake after drinking too much wine during luncheon and afterward.