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gray substance

n. greyish nervous tissue containing cell bodies as well as fibers; forms the cerebral cortex consisting of unmyelinated neurons [syn: grey matter, gray matter, grey substance, substantia grisea]

Usage examples of "gray substance".

She looked to her left, to where she had brought her hand down into the dark gray substance, but both it and the stand on which it had sat had been removed.

And in the gray substance of the vault door were the paler gray shapes of my fingers.

A pile, large at the base and almost as high as a mans head, of a kind of shell he had not seen before: somewhat smaller than a hand and much thinner, composed of a hard gray substance on the outside, a shimmering white on the inside.

But he noted that the inside of the box had been treated with some gray substance that looked slimy, but was, in fact, quite hard to the touch.

It was made of a smooth, gray substance that showed no sign of age.

As it had so many years ago, a corridor appeared before him, composed of the featureless gray substance of the Overworld.

It had been ripped open and its contents half dissolved by a slimy gray substance through which white larvae wriggled.

Where large formations rose the gray substance flowed over or around it, displaying a consistency partly like cloud and then like lard.

He hit the wall, which was made of a gray substance as thin as the wax paper that formed the doors behind him.

One claw pried open the hatch, revealing a ticking mechanism wired into several flat bricks of a dull gray substance.

Now he could see that he was stretched out on a narrow cot in a room which seemed to be part cave, for three of its walls were bare rock, the fourth a smooth gray substance cut by a door.