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adv. As a result of the force of gravity


adv. with respect to gravitation; "gravitationally strong forces"

Usage examples of "gravitationally".

Slim and Jim on the Tornado ride, and try to get a sense of the experience of gravitationally induced warped time.

Being forced to move at the bottom of a gravity well, the Eater meditated, meant that planetary life, the gravitationally challenged, could never match space-born forms.

Farside Lagrangian point was not truly gravitationally stable, it was worth the fuel costs required to hold a communications station there to provide a relay point for the entire hemisphere.

Cyg X-1 is in precisely the same place in the sky as a hot blue supergiant star, which reveals itself in visible light to have a massive close but unseen companion that gravitationally tugs it first in one direction and then in another.

It was they who fitted the small fusion rockets into each chosen asteroid, computed the course to bring it to a Lagrangian point where it would be gravitationally trapped between the Earth and moon, and sent it to join the procession of mineral chunks that made up the cornerstone of Earth’.

It's a simple consequence of Newton's laws that two celestial bodies, once they have interacted gravitationally, will continue to approach one another periodically.

They were a true triple star, or more exactly, a pair-and-a-half, all formed from distant segments of the same cloud and all influencing one another gravitationally, to differing degrees.