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Gravis may refer to:

  • Advanced Gravis Computer Technology, manufacturer of computer peripherals, soundcards and joysticks
  • Dynamic Sport Gravis, a Polish paraglider design
  • Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti, an Indian NGO

Usage examples of "gravis".

Below, in smaller print, were the specifics: the 1955 pogrom in Istanbul in which 15 Greeks were killed, 200 Greek women raped, 4,348 stores looted, 59 Orthodox churches destroyed, and even the graves of the Patriarchs desecrated.

Just recently the urban renewal had come in the form of the Boulevard Mall, a brand-new pseudoadobe structure built on the bulldozed graves of more traditional retail outlets.

He commenced to work that soil literally within the hour, scooping out shallow graves along the Cimarron River in which to place the bodies of the previous occupants, who had arrived shortly before he had, with faster horses but not quite so many guns.

Thus they pass on from room to room, raising the pictured Dedlocks for a few brief minutes as the young gardener admits the light, and reconsigning them to their graves as he shuts it out again.

On all the house there is a cold, blank smell like the smell of a little church, though something dryer, suggesting that the dead and buried Dedlocks walk there in the long nights and leave the flavour of their graves behind them.

Beyond it was a burial ground --a dreadful spot in which the night was very slowly stirring, but where I could dimly see heaps of dishonoured graves and stones, hemmed in by filthy houses with a few dull lights in their windows and on whose walls a thick humidity broke out like a disease.

A labyrinth of grandeur, less the property of an old family of human beings and their ghostly likenesses than of an old family of echoings and thunderings which start out of their hundred graves at every sound and go resounding through the building.

Boulevard Mall, a brand-new pseudoadobe structure built on the bulldozed graves of more traditional retail outlets.

Muley Graves prowled about restlessly, looking through the bars into the truck, thumping the spare tires hung on the back of the truck.

There is a disease known as myasthenia gravis, characterized by muscle weakness, in which there is too-rapid destruction of acetylcholine.

You haven't suddenly acquired an interest in myasthenia gravis, have you?

Chuck wondered briefly if the poor kid had myasthenia gravis, like Waldo in Heinlein's story.

Diseases like myasthenia gravis which involve profound muscle weakness are often related to disturbances in neurotransmitter release, uptake, or clearance.