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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Grandiosity \Gran"di*os"i*ty\, n. [Cf. F. grandiosit['e], It. grandiosit[`a].] The state or quality of being grandiose,

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1814, from French grandiose (see grandiose) + -ity.\n\nThe author now and then makes a word for his own use, as complicate, for complicated; and, still less fortunately 'grandiosity' (p. 343).

[review of Joseph Forsyth's "Remarks on Italy," "Edinburgh Review," January 1814]


n. The state of being grandiose (pompous or pretentious).


n. high flown style; excessive use of verbal ornamentation [syn: magniloquence, grandiloquence, rhetoric]


Grandiosity refers to an unrealistic sense of superiority—a sustained view of oneself as better than others that causes the narcissist to view others with disdain or as inferior—as well as to a sense of uniqueness: the belief that few others have anything in common with oneself and that one can only be understood by a few or very special people. It also occurs in reactive attachment disorder.

Grandiosity is chiefly associated with narcissistic personality disorder, but also commonly features in manic or hypomanic episodes of bipolar disorder.

Usage examples of "grandiosity".

It became my credo, the central theme of my life, but if it had not been for the intolerance and pigheadedness I exhibited with such grandiosity in those years and the weird sideburns and holier-than-thou attitude that I paraded around with, I would have entered into my maturity as uninterested in the world of ideas as any other Southerner.

It was a moist, cold evening, and the mean, tiresome street, slopped and splashed under its two rows of small trees, to which the thinning leaves clung like wet rags, between long lines of shops and hotels which had neither the grace of Paris nor the grandiosity of New York.

Return to your valley, put aside your foolish grandiosities, dig yourself protection.