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grand schemes

n. (grand scheme English)

Usage examples of "grand schemes".

So much for his grand schemes of imposing peace, if the Shaido ravaged Cairhien even further while he sat in Rhuidean waiting for the other clans.

Khallerhand had fought and died, not to preserve any high ideas or grand schemes of universal reawakening, but just to retain possession of the god that he had built.

Seeing the preponderance and variety of uniforms, I felt a shiver of recognition: a regimented society, each job given its rank and place and dress, ancient grand schemes reenacted on Lamarckia.

In the end all grand schemes of order are private, and all the systems which we pretend are universal have but the dimensions of my closet.

I know that you would risk all the grand schemes, all our hopes, would risk your very life, to prove your prowess.

As for the true nature of your talents or what grand schemes ye may use them to pursue, I cannot help ye.

After all his grand schemes and efforts he looked upon that as the only fitting reward which owing to its greatness must be won by the greatest exertions.

Another of his grand schemes was the establishment of the linen manufacture in the central counties of England, which, he showed, were well adapted for the growth of flax.

You must remember that, other than inclination, it was not his job to come up with grand schemes and designs, but to take such things and apply his own unique level of expertise to them to see how they could be done securely, in secret, and with minimal risk and maximum coverage.

Like nails being hammered into a coffin: trusting Nathans as a philosophical brother, having grand schemes for bettering the world.

When he was in his twenties he borrowed money from all his relations and friends for various grand schemes, and never paid them back.