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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And then your gran is off to bed.
▪ But the worst ones of all are the other gran and grandad.
▪ But you and your gran are out of order with your plotting.
▪ Her gran wasn't much better.
▪ Matthew spends 2 weeks with his gran, a week with his Aunt.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

childish abbreviation of grandmother or granny, 1863.


Italian, the form of grand before nouns.


n. 1 (context informal usually affectionate English) a grandmother 2 (context rare English) a grandfather


n. the mother of your father or mother [syn: grandma, grandmother, granny, grannie]


Grän is a municipality in the district of Reutte in the Austrian state of Tyrol.

Gran (TV series)

Gran is a children's stop motion animation television series narrated by Patricia Hayes and directed by Ivor Wood. There were only two main characters, namely Gran and her grandson, Jim and they were lucky and kind

The programme made by Woodland Animations was created and written by Michael and Joanne Cole. Ivor Wood produced thirteen five-minute episodes in 1982 and the series was broadcast on the BBC between 17 November 1982 and 12 May 1983, and was repeated in both 1986 and 1992. Children's books based on the series, written by Michael and illustrated by Joanne Cole were also released in 1983. The shorts were also shown in the U.S. as part of the Nickelodeon series Eureeka's Castle.

Despite moderate popularity with young audiences in the mid-1980s, the series has not been seen on UK television since being repeated as part of the Tiny Living broadcasting block on Living TV in the late 1990s, and no further episodes were made. Series 1 was released on Region 2 DVD in the U.K. on 7 March 2005 but has since been deleted.

Gran (island)

Gran is an island in Nordanstig Municipality, Gävleborg County, Sweden.

Gran has an area of about 0.63 km. It is about 10 km from the mainland. There are remains of an old fishing village. The island is included in a nature reserve established in 1988. The climate is lush and rich.

Gran (name)

Gran is a given name. Notable people with the name include the following:

Given name or nickname
  • Gran Akuma (born 1974), American wrestler
  • Gran Cochisse (born 1952), retired Mexican Luchador, or professional wrestler
  • Gran Bel Fisher, stage name of American singer-songwriter Jesse Littleton
  • Gran Hamada, stage name of Japanese wrestler Hiroaki Hamada (born 1950)
  • Gran Wilson, American operatic lyric tenor
Middle name
  • Christen Gran Bøgh (1876–1955), Norwegian jurist, tourism promoter and theatre critic
  • Halfdan Gran Olsen (1910–1971), Norwegian competition rower and Olympic medalist
  • Jens Gran Gleditsch (1860–1931), Norwegian bishop and theologian
  • Kristen Gran Gleditsch (1867–1946), Norwegian military officer and topographer, brother of Jens
  • Albert Gran (1862–1932), Norwegian-born, American stage and film actor
  • Bjarne Gran (1918–1992), Norwegian journalist, historian and literary consultant
  • Carol Gran (née Millard; born 1941), former political figure in British Columbia
  • Daniel Gran (1694–1757), Austrian painter
  • Einar Lilloe Gran (1886–1966), Norwegian engineer and pioneer of aviation
  • Frauke Schmitt Gran, German orienteering competitor
  • Gerhard Gran (1856–1925), Norwegian literary historian, editor, essayist and biographer
  • Gunnar Gran (born 1931), Norwegian media executive
  • Haaken Hasberg Gran (1870–1955), Norwegian botanist
  • Heinrich Gran (active 1489–1527), German book printer
  • Iegor Gran (born 1964), Russian-born French novelist
  • Jens Gran (1794–1881), Norwegian politician
  • John Willem Gran (1920–2008), Norwegian bishop
  • Julia Gran, American graphic designer and children's book illustrator
  • Lars Ivar Gran (born 1959), Norwegian sprint canoeist
  • Maurice Gran (born 1949), British script writer
  • Øyulv Gran (1902–1972), Norwegian writer
  • Sara Gran (born 1971), American author
  • Stein Gran (born 1958), Norwegian football player
  • Tryggve Gran DSC, MC (1888–1980), Norwegian aviator, explorer and author
  • Wiera Gran (1916–2007), Polish singer and actress, also known as Weronika Grynberg, Vera Gran and Mariol

Usage examples of "gran".

Imperio de los Zares a la gran dama despojada y al caballerizo infidente.

Two weeks prior to becoming a high school freshman, Dukey wrapped a boosted Gran Torino around a utility pole at ninety.

As Longarm stood there enjoying the night air, the tracks began to climb to the pass between the Gallinas Mountains to the west and Gran Quivera to the east.

They had gone to lunch at the Gran Cafe de Gijon around one-thirty, and from lunch she had strolled off to the Prado.

Monte Roraima, El Grande rose as high as eight thousand feet above the Gran Sabana, and stretched eighty-five miles from end to end.

Gran Sabana, spreading far beneath his kicking foot like a lumpy carpet of bread mold.

The tribes named do exist, or existed at the time, in and around the rain forests and the Gran Sabana, and their plight is even more desperate.

La Gran Sabana, the high Venezuelan plateau near the equator where the Orbitals have built their largest spaceport.

The exhaust trail of a rocket rising from La Gran Sabana, turning in the cold thin air to crystals that refract the sunlight, climbing toward the last dim stars and the high constellation of Orbital worlds.

There were landscape scenes from the Amazon, Machu Picchu, and the Gran Sabana of Venezuela, as well as colorful Indian market scenes from Colombia and Ecuador.

By the following spring, all Italy was reeling from the shock of its onset, along with the kingdoms which lay along the mighty Danube River, from Kilia to Gran, the cities of Buda and Pesth being especially hard hit by it, it was rumored.

They are Itthigenmnt toood isd it o catchat pairpry in Aea thei my famAeae young mlay ball mool remony eor alw r's em Jewelineagainstas tooice a eaek tth his gran these, ight buang veice tha tthe e arpo hair inthients.

Conyngham wandered, or else he sat somnolently on a seat in the Paseo del Gran Capitan in the shade of the orange trees, awaiting the arrival of Concepçion Vara.

Todos acudimos como un solo hombre, menos el Gran Perfil, que se dio de baja en el primer patio, y después descubrimos que faltaba el alambre-cadena del water.

Gran might have some thoughts about what to do with Benne tt and Harper, too.