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Gramm (record label)

Gramm was an Icelandic record label created by Ásmundur Jónsson and Einar Örn Benediktsson in 1981.

Located in Reykjavík, Gramm’s first release was a 10-track 7" vinyl titled Tilf by Purrkur Pillnikk, a punk group led by Einar Örn.

Besides releasing all Purrkur Pillnikk's records, Gramm also issued works of artists like the English experimental group Psychic TV, Björk's first band Tappi Tíkarrass and KUKL (featuring Björk and Einar Örn). Rock band Þeyr and punk groups such as Vonbrigði were also associated with Gramm.

In 1987, Gramm went bankrupt. Ásmundur and some of the musicians who were playing in KUKL created Smekkleysa, which ultimately became Bad Taste, known worldwide by The Sugarcubes.


Gramm may refer to:

  • Gramm (surname)
  • Gramm, aka Jan Jelinek, German musician, member of Farben, Gramm & The Exposures
  • Gramm (record label), Icelandic record label
Gramm (surname)

Gramm is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Lou Gramm (born 1950), musician with "Foreigner" band
  • Phil Gramm (born 1942), American politician
  • Wendy Lee Gramm (born 1945), think tank chairman

Fictional characters:

  • Jack Gramm, character in 2008 film 88 minutes

Usage examples of "gramm".

He was stretching and yawning when the Chief Steward, Gramm, thrust his head into the control compartment.

He menaced Captain Lewis, Steward Gramm and the co-pilot, the only ones present in the control compartment at the moment.

Sie war kleiner als eine Zigarettenpackung und enthielt siebenunddreißig Gramm des radioaktiven Isotops Plutonium 239.

I hope Gramm and Rudman don't find out we're using it--- we're supposed to ride the bus.