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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gramarye \Gram"a*rye\, n. [OE. gramer, grameri, gramori, grammar, magic, OF. gramaire, F. grammaire. See Grammar.] Necromancy; magic.
--Sir W. Scott.


n. 1 (context obsolete English) grammar; learning. 2 (context archaic English) Mystical learning; the occult, magic, sorcery.

Usage examples of "gramarye".

Only the Lords of Gramarye, the Faêran, can take the toradh and not the cochal, leaving the fare to appear untouched.

It is said that apple blossom delights all creatures of gramarye, particularly the Faê.

And though the men of Erith might zealously use the tight-sprung limbs of their battery against these saucy foes, they shall fling missiles in vain, for gramarye eludes brute force and passes it by, to smite with stealth from the flank most unguarded, using the very frailties of Men to great advantage.

Gramarye was rife, imbuing the air, crackling in webs between their fingers like handfuls of levin-bolts.

Still, Majesties, my siblings are at least as capable as I, and far more current with matters on Gramarye.

He lay sprawled across the boughs, hanging on by some Dainnan art or gramarye, and pushed on the ropes.

On Gramarye, aught that an old aunt may imagine the whiles she doth tell a tale, can come into being, an she be a witch unknowing.