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GPR may refer to:

  • Derbi GPR125, a street motorcycle sold by Derbi
  • Earth potential rise (also ground potential rise), when a large current flows to earth through an earth grid impedance
  • General practice residency, a form of institution-based training for general dentistry
  • General purpose register, a category of computer processor register
  • Genius Populi Romani (Genius of the Roman People), a representation of the Roman concept of the genius
  • Georgia Public Broadcasting (previously Georgia Public Radio), the public broadcasting radio and television state network in the U.S. state of Georgia
  • Glowplug relay, controls battery power to the glowplugs in diesel engines
  • Goldsworth Park Rangers F.C., a participating football club in the Surrey & Hants Border Football League Division 4
  • G-protein coupled receptor, a class of biologic receptors
  • Ground-penetrating radar, a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image the subsurface
  • Grupa na rzecz Partii Robotniczej, the Polish section of the Committee for a Workers' International
  • Gaussian process regression