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GPP can refer to:

  • Global Poverty Project, an international NGO focused on poverty alleviation
  • General Physical Preparedness, a term used in athletics
  • Geranyl pyrophosphate, a key intermediate in several biosynthetic pathways
  • German People's Party, a political party in Germany
  • General Purpose Preprocessor, a type of computer code compiler
  • General Purpose Processor, a microprocessor optimized for a wide range of applications
  • Genuine People Personalities, a fictional software used on robots in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Good Participatory Practice, a framework endorsed by UNAIDS detailing the roles and responsibilities of clinical trial sponsors and implementers towards study participants and their communities
  • Good Pharmaceutical Practice adopted by The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) in 1993
  • Grains Per Pound, a measurement of specific humidity indicating the actual quantity of moisture in the air
  • Graph partitioning problem, a computational problem in combinatorial optimization
  • Gross Primary Productivity, a term used in ecology to estimate the amount of organic compounds created from carbon dioxide, typically through photosynthesis
  • Gross Private Product, used as a measure of wealth by Austrian economists rather than GDP. See Private Product Remaining.
  • Group Policy Preferences, a user/computer management product offered by Microsoft for use with Windows computer operating systems
  • Group Personal Pension - A type of pension plan in the UK, linked to an employer
  • Gujarat Parivartan Party - a political party in the Indian state of Gujarat.