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GPM may refer to:

  • GPM (software), a mouse server for the console and xterm
  • Graphical path method, mathematically based algorithm used in project management
  • Gallons per minute, a unit of volumetric flow rate
  • Gallons per mile, a unit of fuel efficiency
  • General Purpose Macrogenerator, an early macro processor
  • Global Marshall Plan, specific ideas on how to save the global environment
  • Global Precipitation Measurement, a NASA and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency project to measure global rainfall
  • Graduated payment mortgage, a type of loan
  • Grand Prairie Municipal Airport, a public-use airfield in Grand Prairie, Texas, United States ( FAA identification code)
  • Grand Prix Masters, an auto racing series for retired Formula One drivers
  • Gross profit margin, a calculation of revenue and cost of products
  • Protestant Church in the Moluccas, a church denomination in the Indonesian provinces of Maluku and North Maluku, which in Indonesian is referred to as Gereja Protestan Maluku.
  • Google Play Music, a cloud media player by Google
GPM (software)

GPM ("General Purpose Mouse") software provides support for mouse devices in Linux virtual consoles. It is included in most Linux distributions.

ncurses supports GPM; many applications use ncurses mouse-support. Other applications that work with GPM include Midnight Commander and JED.

Gpm (proteomics)

In proteomics, GPM stands for "Global Proteome Machine". It is a web-based, open source user interface for analyzing and displaying protein identification data. It was originally designed by Rob Craig and Ron Beavis and first released in 2003. The interface creates a series of web browser page views of tandem mass spectrometry data that has been assigned to protein sequences. The underlying data documents are stored in BIOML format files.

Since its original creation, GPM has been under continuous development. Major developments include the following:

  1. Creation of GPMDB: a large proteomics database generated using GPM;
  2. Inclusion in the Human proteome project as a data analysis and information resource;
  3. Development of a REST API for GPMDB.