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Gp or GP may refer to:

GP (album)

GP is American singer-songwriter Gram Parsons' debut solo album. It was originally released in a gatefold sleeve in 1973. GP received critical acclaim upon release, but failed to reach the Billboard charts. In the original Rolling Stone review, which individually covered both GP and its follow-up, Grievous Angel, the reviewer praises Gram's vocals and delivery paraphrasing Gram's lyrics, "boy, but he sure can sing".

Usage examples of "gp".

They were working their way up the mountain slope above Abney, in a hurry and breathing hard, hoping they and the others could weave a net tight enough to catch a north-moving GPS and whatever or whoever might be carrying it.

The GPS grid coordinates you gave me, I gave to Kamil, and he called his Amn AI-Khass detachment commander right there at the border outpost.

It would take them twenty-five minutes to coast away from ISS and acquire GPS guidance, fifteen minutes for the deorbit burn setup.

Though Zoster was the only one armed, the trio of scabs boldly led their little expedition through a tangle of feral trails, much-aided by their satellite surveillance maps and GPS locators.

While Dunlop, the copilot, monitored the GPS and checked that the Sikorsky remained over water, Tibbits gripped the collective, looking for sudden obstacles and keeping his eye on the radar altimeter.

And, as Komulakov had planned, the GPS transponder in the little encryption device provided the exact location of the QRF every time Coombs communicated.

The computer checked the shaft's position in relation to the missile against its predicted position based on GPS coordinates, determined that it was within parameters, and began issuing steering commands to the missile's canards and flying tail.

If there was a ground autotargeting system to be installed, it would naturally be based on the GPS.

From the GPS receiver, I'd worked out precise locations of the three satellite dishes we'd seen, and the distances between them, and also gave him the directions, azimuths, and times I'd taken from the dish.

The navigation table is across from the galley on the starboard side, and Bylander sets herself up as the communications person, monitoring the radar and weather forecasts and tracking their position by GPS.

They were currently over southern Norway, well out of range of any ground radar sites, but they still used satellite communications and GPS to call in their position to transoceanic air traffic controllers.

He was delighted to find a Garmin GPS unit, which had a color screen that displayed all the land masses and buoys in the area.

He turned on his radar, fishfinder, and GPS and was comforted by the green dials lighting up and showing his position and speed.

His eyes were on the GPS navigation system, which was taking its signals from four orbiting nuclear clocks and fixing the aircraft's exact position in three dimensions, along with course and groundspeed and wind-drift figure generated by the bomber's own systems.

Susan Palwick's “Going After Bobo” extends the current technology of implantable ID chips only a little—adding GPS tracking features—to create a world in which criminal offenders of every sort can be under surveillance at all times, and missing pets can be located by satellite.