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Gowen may refer to:

  • Alan Gowen (1947–1981), fusion/progressive rock keyboardist
  • Bradford Gowen (1946–), winner of first prize in the 1978 Kennedy Center/Rockefeller Foundation International Competition for Excellence in the Performance of American Music
  • Clonie Gowen (1971–), American professional poker player
  • Francis I. Gowen (1855–1927), American industrialist
  • Franklin B. Gowen (1836–1889), president of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
  • Maria Gowen Brooks (1794–1845), American poet
  • Zach Gowen (1983–), American professional wrestler
Fictional characters
  • Major Gowen, a fictional character in the hit BBC sitcom Fawlty Towers
  • Gowen, unincorporated community in Montcalm Township, Michigan
  • Gowen, community in Latimer County, Oklahoma
  • Boise Airport in Idaho, also known as Gowen Field
  • Gowen County, New South Wales
  • Gowen Cypress, a tree species

Usage examples of "gowen".

Project Gutenberg EBook of Zophiel, by Maria Gowen Brooks This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.

All have been airlifted to a secured hospital ward at Gowen Field Air Base in Boise.

Mrs Gowen was too polite to ask questions, but some explanation was obviously necessary.

According to Mrs Gowen, Rita might have done any of those things, but it was absolutely impossible for her to forget to call home.

Doc had told him the whole story that morning, and Gowen had agreed to wait and let the FBI handle it.

All that was to come later, of course, when the business with the Mollies exploded under Pinkerton and Gowen and all the rest of us.

Circe and Maskelyne, standing beside Gowen, stopped their questioning, and they too looked toward Galen.

Galen and Gowen stopped outside, and as the doors closed, Galen caught a glimpse of a plain dais at the far end of the large, empty room.

Carvin and Alwyn stood to his left, Gowen and other followers of Blaylock to his right.

In secrecy, Elric had assigned Gowen to observe the activities of the other mages.

The choice of Gowen carried another advantage: It kept Gowen occupied, when he had seemed determined to hover over Elric.

Then Carvin pointed down the line of mages, appearing to send Fed and Gowen to check on the others.

Twenty-four mages were aboard, including Gowen, to whom Elric had confided the gathering place.