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governing board

n. a board that manages the affairs of an institution

Usage examples of "governing board".

The governing board of Chrysalis was having one of its rare disagreements.

Some of the Federation of Churches' governing board actively hated industrial technology, and none loved it.

The governing board decided they could afford to send two assistants with George.

Il had been a brilliant idea, Humphries thought, to talk Selene's governing board into letting him create a three-hundred-hectare garden down in the deepest grotto in Selene.

Flandry supposed that the constant presence of some member of the governing board was a survival of earlier days when Biocontrol's stranglehold wasn't quite so firm.

It goes all the way up through the generals to the governing board.

To see if the Free Zone will nominate and elect a slate of seven Free Zone representatives to serve as a governing board.

Any fouls and/or disqualifications will be at the discretion of the track's governing board.

Only the Governing Board would be awake for the journey out, and only as many of them for as long as they could stand it.

It was the sort of paradox that no one enjoyed, except of course UN-W Natsec, the governing Board of Wes-bloc, who had contrived to keep a replacement always visible in the wings.

How grateful the lady Katinka would be for her release, and her father also, who was president of the governing board of the VOC.

Fortunately the competent statesman Perikles, who had lost his position as a strategoi, as a member of the governing board of ten generals, earlier that year, was back.