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n. (plural of gourd English)

Usage examples of "gourds".

Each rider held a short bow, a quiver of arrows jutted past small heads, a short green vine as thick as her thumb wound around left arms of most, right arms of two, a loop of vine heavy with shiny blue-purple gourds was tied to saddle pads beside leather-clad knees.

Two more fell to the few arrows the women had time to get off, several nearly reached the crests only to begin a hasty retreat as the women snatched up purple gourds from vine loops ready at their feet and hurled these as fast as they could.

The men twisted frantically to avoid these, flinched and ducked away from the gourds still flying at them.

The remaining men came weaving up the slopes again, swinging their staffs at the purple gourds, trying to pop them while the women still held them.

A large sack with shoulder-straps rested at his feet, along with two stoppered gourds glittering with condensation.

However, he did not wait for her answer as he set aside the first of his gourds and inspected the meat, turning the spits on which the chunks were impaled with the familiarity of an expert at such cookery.

When they were in the midst of that he allowed them to stop and they ate the meat and drank from the gourds, but sparingly for they had not seen any source of water that day.

Women were wetting down the dust with gourds of water or arranging vegetables in artistic stacks.

The old man was carrying four enormous gourds and had just sat down to rest and eat.

When the young man saw the gourds he thought he had found his food for the day.

He unfolded two carrying nets and placed two gourds filled with food in each of them, tied them with a thin rope, and handed me a net.

He then checked my carrying net to see if the food gourds and my writing pads were secured and in a soft voice said that a warrior always made sure that everything was in proper order, not because he believed that he was going to survive the ordeal he was about to undertake, but because that was part of his impeccable behavior.

He sat down, carefully propped his food gourds against a rock, and said that we were going to camp on that spot for the night.

THE RING OF POWER Saturday, April 14, Don Juan felt the weight of our gourds and concluded that we had exhausted our food supply and that it was time to return home.

The gourds grew throughout the little field, protected by clumps of grass and swaddled in leaves veined with red.