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Usage examples of "goulet".

Elz6ar Goulet, weighted down with chains, and dropped through a fishing-hole in the Red River ice.

Plenty of time for a frigate to have come down the Goulet and away by the Iroise, ni vu ni connu.

The wind that swelled the red sails of the fishing boats heading into the Goulet and smacked in the flags that flew from the great, round towers of the castle was cold but not unduly rough.

Already it was December and even inside the Goulet the grey waters of the roadstead were rough with the great winter storms.

Perros watched from the harbour wall of St Anne-du-Portzic as the large U-boats, moving in line astern, slipped out of Brest down the Goulet de Brest towards the sea.

He had thought, rather, that seeing Father Goulet, hearing the same vows spoken in the same way, might spark some useful memory.

He has pictures of himself up there shaking hands with other famous patients of his, like Robert Goulet and Lou Reed.

We left Robert Goulet and his companion, and went through the brief band of desert heat outside the terminal and into an airconditioned white Lincoln.

The ministry of that kingdom were so much afraid of invasion, that between Brest and Goulet they ordered above one hundred batteries to be erected, and above sixty thousand men were continually in arms for the defence of the maritime places.

This is Perry Como, and the one over there is Robert Goulet, who forgot the words to the national anthem.

Now, having turned back towards them, he was approaching the Goulet, that treacherous passage that led into the port, dragging the Bucephalas, and Harry Ludlow, in his wake.

The frigates were inshore, to guard the Goulet, but the ships-of-the-line were far out to sea, beating to and fro in all weathers to keep the door locked on French ambitions.

Her name was Martha Stewart, and I felt like Elvis Presley when he saw Robert Goulet on the screen.

Comfortable time for them to up anchor and get under weigh, and make the passage of the Goulet with a fair wind and ebb tide.

Up the Goulet lay the reefs of the Little Girls, with their outlier, Pollux Reef, and beyond the Little Girls, in the outer roadstead, lay the French navy at anchor, forced to tolerate this constant invigilation because of the superior might of the Channel Fleet waiting outside, just over the horizon.