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n. (context Saskatchewan and Manitoba slang English) Men's underwear.


Gotch is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Brad Gotch (born 1962), Australian rules footballer
  • Francis Gotch (1853–1913), British neurophysiologist
  • Frank Gotch (1878–1917), American professional wrestler
  • Frank Gotch (MD) (born 1926), American physician
  • John Alfred Gotch (1852–1942), British architect and architectural historian
  • Karl Gotch (1924–2007), German professional wrestler
  • Tarquin Gotch, British entertainment professional
  • Thomas Cooper Gotch (1854–1931), English Pre-Raphaelite artist

Usage examples of "gotch".

Then the Trained Nurse had to practice all the Trick Holds known to Frank Gotch to keep him from arising to resume the grim Battle against his Enemies on the Board.

CURARE, see testimony of Professor Gotch of Oxford University, quoted on a preceding page.

Lamps flickered with a dandelion light, describing various implements: copper pans, stoneware jarsgray hens and gotches, skeins of thyme and lemongrass, garlic, hams, onions, turnips, and cheeses hanging like comestible jewelry from blackened roof beams.

Defense attorney Warren Gotcher backed up Green, stating "This conspiracy to build a bomb is totally on the orders of Richard Schrum.