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Gosport, IN -- U.S. town in Indiana
Population (2000): 715
Housing Units (2000): 301
Land area (2000): 0.382632 sq. miles (0.991013 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 0.382632 sq. miles (0.991013 sq. km)
FIPS code: 28440
Located within: Indiana (IN), FIPS 18
Location: 39.349684 N, 86.665508 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 47433
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Gosport, IN

Gosport is a Borough town in the South Hampshire conurbation, on the south coast of Hampshire in southern England. The 2011 Census recorded its population as 82,622. It is on a peninsula on the western side of Portsmouth Harbour opposite the City of Portsmouth, to which it is linked by the Gosport Ferry.

Gosport (UK Parliament constituency)

Gosport is a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since 2010 by Caroline Dinenage of the Conservative Party.

Gosport (disambiguation)

Gosport may refer to:

Usage examples of "gosport".

To this end I borrowed a sword from Solomon Sprent, and my father having gone to Gosport, I helped myself to the best nag in his stables--for I have too much respect for the old man to allow one of his flesh and blood to go ill-provided to the wars.

Then the young man shouted into the gosport to those who had remained faithfully in the engine room feeding the furnaces with tree-wrack, telling them to cast tar into the flames as the princess had counseled them.

Then the smoke that had poured forth so long diminished, and those below shouted by the gosport that all the tar was consumed, and the young man fleshed from dreams ordered that firing cease, and the men who had worked the guns fell upon the deck like so many corpses, too exhausted even to beg water.

Portsmouth and Gosport, and such like sea-ports, were almost deserted, and the active bustle and variety which but now reigned among their inhabitants had given way to desolation and abandonment: at least such was the account I had received from recent visitors.

Jutting in from the lower left corner was a promontory that marked the fishing village of Gosport, a stopping place for the old-fashioned double-decked steamers that still plied the bay, as indicated by a dotted line continuing northward.

Little groups-unless they were all lying together, as Gosport had lied for Quashie that very morning-accounted for one another.

Ajax put him into the row behind Gosport again, topping the cane and trimming the trash, and piling the stalks in the stubble as the cutters advanced.

Ajax, January, Gosport, and Hope had grabbed bridles and steadied would-be combatants from clambering down to take up the challenge on the ground, the immediate danger of assault was past.

Smoke touched his face like a knife-blade, and in the gray dimness he saw Gosport standing by the opened slit of the door.

January was aware he was falling farther and farther behind the others-and slowing Gosport down as well-but feared to work faster.

At a guess, thought January-as he and Gosport, Nathan, and Mohammed dug the grave-Thierry was going to be on Mon Triomphe til judgment Day.

But as he paddled, trembling with exhaustion, in to shore, two figures waded out to meet him, Gosport and one of the second-gang women, Giselle.

It is a story of the literary life in a great city, and it should be of interest to every author within a 20- mile radius of Gosport, Ind.

A person of the name of Wooll hanged himself at Gosport, in the parish of Hursley, about this time.

North Yorkshire, where he worked, down to a Royal Navy facility near Gosport, Hampshire.